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Published: 26th January 2011
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Discus Fish bred in captivity definitely get the majority of the press in 2011. Breeders from all over the world have created many amazing color forms and patterns. Asia has some of the most well established Discus Fish Breeders in the hobby.

There are now so many varieties of this species of fish that one would not be able to guess that there are only four original species of Discus Fish.

The Discus Fishes originated from the Amazon River basin in South America. That is the exclusive location to find Discus spawning naturally. Each species is unique to a region of the Amazon. In nature, they do not interbreed for the most part however sometimes it may be inevitable.

The Natural Types of Wild Caught Discus Fish are Brown, Blue, Green, or Heckel. So where did the Heckel Discus come from. The Heckel, is also characterized by two colors, either blue or red. You can tell it's a Heckel by the prominent darker stripe every fifth stripe along the body.

The demand for Discus in the Aquarium Hobby is enormous . They are so stunning that many folks want to have them around all the time. It is extremely relaxing to watch fish do their thing as they casually cruise around in your home Fish Tank.

The result of the demand for these Tropical Fish has itself spawned "Discus Breeding Farms" all over. These domestic breeders have used selective breeding techniques to produce many different varieties of discus that have even more eye-catching colors and patterns. Some of the exotic colors are solid, as in the Blue Diamond Discus Fish. This fish is a solid powder blue color, one that you would definitely not see in the Amazon. There are also many pattern Discus Fish like the Leopard and Snakeskin. Each of which has a different color and/or pattern. But all have the characteristic round, yet thin, body style.

So which are preferred by Tropical Fish hobbyist Wild Discus fish or man-bred? Wild Discus Fish come from a totally different habitat than their domestic cousins. The Amazon is murky and muddy as opposed to the clean, fresh tanks of the breeders. So, there may be some things the Aquarium hobbyist must do to try to keep the tank suitable for the Wild Caught Discus varieties if the are not quarantined well. Companies such as Wild Discus USA do a great job importing these Wild Caught Discus in the United States.

Second, fish from reliable breeders are used to the type of environment that you will probably supply for them, and they are more likely to be healthy coming from a controlled tank however this is not always the case as there are some fish peddlers who give Discus Fish sellers a bad name.

Finding the best Discus Fish for your Aquarium is really a matter of personal preference and personal education. If you are an Aquarium Novice, make sure you get a good education before you dive into the tank with expensive fish. The Wild Discus Fish are best for a more experienced Fish keeper.

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